Liquid Marseille Soap Delicate 300 ml

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A sophisticated fragrance with citrus notes and woody scent, created in Grasse!

Made in a cauldron according to tradition in the heart of Provence, this liquid soap is elaborated with copra oil and organic virgin olive oil, it is naturally glycerined.

This Marseille liquid soap Delicate gently cleanses the hands and skin.

The refinement of a fresh fragrance where woody aromas mingle with citrus notes.

This modern frosted glass bottle creates a soothing and elegant atmosphere in which light and transparency are highlighted and will match with any room.


A glass bottle that highlights transparency and light through elegant shades of grey to suit all interior design

Olive oil:
This oil is extracted from the typically Provencal olives by the names of Aglandau, Salonenque, Verdale from the Bouches-du-Rhône and Picholine. Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamin E, olive oil is highly protective, nourishing and softening.

Coconut Oil:
This oil, derived from dried coconut pulp, provides excellent foaming power, creaminess and hardness to the soap, as well as good washing power. Very nourishing and protective, Coprah oil considerably reduces dehydration of the skin. Moreover, Coprah oil, with its neutral odour, is an alternative to virgin coconut oil for preparations where the smell of coconut is not desired.


Perfume Delicate: a refined fragrance with citrus and woody notes

Top notes: Orange, Lemon mat, Black currant
Heart notes: white Flowers, Tarragon
Base notes: white Musk, Wood, Amber


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