White Tea Liquid Marseille Soap

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    Compagnie De Provence

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Brewed in a cauldron for that bewitching little twist we all crave in a hand soap, Compagnie De Provence White Tea Liquid Marseille Soap will get your skin smooth and silky, as well as clean and fragrant. Citrus overtones, with subtle notes of white tea to be exact.

Apply to wet hands, gently rubbing in and then rinsing off. This product can also be used as a body wash and is suitable for frequent use.

Why it Works

Coconut oil is what makes this hand soap so good at cleaning, and with its high foaming ability, it's easy to apply with 100% coverage. Once the coconut oil has got your hands clean, naturally occurring glycerin makes them silky and smooth.
A citrus fragrance created in Grasse, with notes of white tea.

300 ml


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