Good Skincare is a Long Term Investment

Good Skincare is a Long Term Investment

When is the best time to invest in proper skincare?

As early as possible is the simple answer.

Does this mean from babyhood? Yes!

In fact I encourage all mothers to consider their baby’s skincare as an early investment.

The problem they face is the same for us all, we are coming up against extreme forms of pollution and environmental stress.

This impacts our epidermis, young or old.

         Years ago, a baby would naturally have a good PH level however this is not so much now with the increasingly demanding environments. We are seeing so much more skin conditions in young people and babies such as eczema etc.

I have two little girls and have witnessed this first hand.



I see the environmental impact on my 8 year old’s skin, it is more dehydrated than it should be.

She has her own personal routine now which is basic and consistent – wash, moisturise, and SPF every day, not just when it’s sunny!


         By teaching her this routine now, which I believe, is my responsibility as a mother, we are making a long term investment into her skincare. In a nutshell, the more we look after our skin, the more we invest at an early age, the less expensive it is later on.

I always say to my clients, three things are responsible for great skin: genes, lifestyle and proper skincare.

         We are often judged in this industry for having expensive products, yet this is a simple equation.

If you want to eat the most organic healthiest diet, or sample the finest cuisine, you expect the ingredients to come from the best source, and you expect to pay for these ingredients. If you want to give yourself the best skincare, the source ingredients are the same price because they are based on quality.

The brands we work with don’t hike up their prices for fun.



Or for fashion ( saying that, there are “fashionable” brands that I don’t believe justify their prices) This, combined with the science that goes into every single product and ritual we represent, means that when you invest, you really are paying for the highest and best quality going. I am meticulous in selecting the brands we work with.

Are we scuppered if we haven’t looked after our skin from an early age? No! We know with the right routine and care we can create glowing skin in grandmothers who have only ever used a plain bar of soap.

Results can be achieved no matter what age you begin a proper routine.

So, where can you save money with this equation? Well, the genes if you are lucky but that’s no guarantee for most of us.

I truly believe our lifestyle is one of the factors we can all control to help or hinder our skincare at any age. On top of this we must be willing to see our skincare rituals whether that’s the products we use or the diet we consume, to be a long term investment into our skin.


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