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Reprint of the article from Irish Independent from 14/11/21

Olga Kochlewska, a renowned skincare therapist whose clients include Hollywood stars working in or visiting Ireland, is seeking bigger premises in Dublin to meet growing demand.

Currently based in Donnybrook, she worked with Blake Lively when she was filming here in 2018 and more recently actress Yvette Nicole Brown from the cast of Disney sequel Disenchanted.

Olga came to Ireland 15 years ago when her husband landed an engineering job here, and founded Skin by Olga five years ago after working in salons for several years.

“During the recession, I was always fully booked, two or three months in advance,” she said. Her area of expertise is skin problems, facials and finding the right products to help with skin issues.

Laser machines were a big technological development for the skincare business but Kochlewska found them boring to work with. “I knew I had to open my own place so I could use my own ideas.”

She opened Skin by Olga on the basis that if she did two sessions a day and sold two products a day she could cover the salon bills and rent.

However, within a few months she was booked out several months in advance, working from 7am until 11pm, and she began hiring staff. This is despite the fact that her facials don’t come cheap, starting at €185 (€225 with Kochlewska herself) and she said well-heeled clients attend regularly.

She plans to offer full body treatments and to open a salon in the UK or Germany down the line.