It's a family business

It's a family business

What a year it’s been at Skin by Olga!

We were so glad to see the return of our valued clients to the salon and also integrate some of the gifts that Covid gave us.

Yes I said gifts, as I feel, it’s about time we focus on the positive aspects of the hardship we have been through as a collective.

One of the values we have always held close to us is Family.

For me as a Polish national, I also feel this in one of the common bonds between the Irish and the Polish. We love our families and work has to work around this love. Which can be a challenge when you don’t live in the same country as your relations.
My husband Tomas has always played a crucial role in Skin by Olga. He already serves a busy full time role role as civil engineer, however since we launched our company over 6 years ago now he has worn many hats: physical engineer, negotiator, website developer, designer and most importantly to me, father and husband! 
He always believed in my idea to create a bespoke, luxury, one of its kind skincare clinic and has been my biggest supporter.
We created this business when our first born daughter Tara, was only 3 and have since welcomed another beautiful little girl into the world, named Nellie - the real boss! 
Managing their schedules, combined with our work and my extra work demands required outside the salon facials such as travelling, training, research etc is no mean feat! Being a global brand ambassador and continually sourcing and researching new technologies, plus up levelling training, is a full time job in itself!
Working at home throughout Covid, despite the difficulties, allowed us to be very present for our girls at such crucial young stages. Although it was very trying at times, I look back with gratitude for all those moments, home schooling, baking breads I never knew I could attempt, all the while brainstorming with Tomas about how on Earth I was going to treat clients to facials without touching their faces! 
I’m grateful for those days and yet grateful for the return to school and normality.

I welcomed back what I really missed, namely, our other family: our clients.

Some of our cherished clients have been with us a long time. We have journeyed together with them through routines and rituals, shared skincare victories as well as lows and we always love opening the door to new members of this client family.
I was thrilled this year to receive the recognition for my commitment to this other type of family when I was awarded Best Facialist of 2022. Thank you IMAGE for ongoing support and recognition
So for me, as a foreign national who feels at home in Ireland, I’m lucky to count my colleagues at Skin By Olga as another family extension.
We sure see enough of each other to warrant that!
From trusty Natalia our salon manager whom I couldn’t live without, to our highly skilled Katarina, we rely heavily on each others talents and capabilities to navigate the ever changing and constantly demanding skincare industry. Kasia, our head of Marketing and beauty maker, who keeps me smiling whilst she firmly encourages my next business steps.
Family is something we celebrate every day, family in all shapes and sizes through all type of guises, from colleagues to clients to our kids. 
For us a definition of family to is take care of someone’s well being.
In this respect we continue our loyalty to our personal and our professional families - with upmost respect and commitment as we move into 2023 with lots of exciting ventures on the horizon including new Laster IPL treatments, new brands coming on board, salon makeover and so much more…

Wishing you and your beloved danios very merry Christmas and happy new year …

Olga xxx