SPF – an all season regime

SPF – an all season regime

I have one simple rule with SPF – it must be worn every day!


Our skin is exposed to the elements (hopefully) every day, and it’s the cumulative effect of sun exposure on the skin that creates dehydration, sun damage and advanced ageing. We need to make SPF application part of our skincare regime every day.

I have many clients who are reluctant to do this and I understand why. They have most likely tried wearing SPF when they are not on holidays and it was a disaster! Applying thick, bright white factor 50s makes your foundation slide off your face, blocks your pores and creates more grease than glow.

They eventually give up or hope to find a foundation that has a bit of SPF in it. I also have clients who use SPF instead of a moisturizer. This creates problems because an SPF is not designed to be a moisturizer, your epidermis will be compromised, if not damaged. There is much confusion around moisturizer, SPFs, and makeup including SPFs.

Alas, the answer to the SPF mystery is simple. We need to select a product according to our skin type and our situation.

Once we select this we need to apply every day, AFTER moisturizer, before makeup application. If it is Spring/ Summer and you know you will have days where you will be outside more than usual, factor this in, choose a product that can be easily applied during the day and you don’t have a makeup drama.

We have so many amazing SPF products these days there is really no excuse.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get a consultation for SPF, using the wrong one for your skin type results in blocked pores, can create acne and can literally undo all the great work you do with the rest of your skincare regime.

Our philosophy in Skin By Olga is a personalized approach, we don’t do “one size fits all”!


heliocare spf Skin by Olga Dublin

We have just introduced an amazing NEW brand called Heliocare who create creams for a dewy finish and gels for a more matte look. I have been wearing this myself recently and love the seamless way it blends into my regime. It feels very light and hydrating on the skin and they combine high protection with a revolutionary non pore-blocking technology. It’s excellent for Irish skin, which is prone to rosacea.

My favourite French brand, Biologique Recherche have extensive experience treating women who like to be in the sun and have devised a sun care strategy which is particularly useful for holidays or when we know our skin will be exposed day-long to the sun. This involves 3 stages, Préparation U.V. which reconditions the epidermis to stimulate natural tanning, Protection U.V. is to be used during skin exposure (this is also what I would recommend year long) and Reparation U.V. which soothes, REPAIRS AND HYDRATES the skin after sustained exposure.

Valmont spf skin by olga

For the most luxurious SPF I would choose Valmont Restoring Perfection. As holidays are not a luxury most of us have any more, why not give your skin a holiday instead! This beautiful cream is both high protection and anti-ageing. Use once in the morning and the DNA-reversal technology will blend perfectly onto your epidermis for protection, hydration and ANTI-AGEING BENEFITS throughout the day.

spf skin by olga

WHEN WE WANT TO WEAR MAKEUP ALL DAY and know we will have a longer exposure to the sun, another brilliant product is ColourScience’s Sunforgettable total Protection Brush on Sunscreen. This mineral skin shield is designed as a brush which is so perfect for your handbag and can be used alone or over makeup. ColourScience and Heliocare also do a beautiful tinted moisturizer, which again, I would advise consultation for.

Often clients ask me to recommend a SPF for their holiday, I say: “I don’t care what you put on your skin when you go away, I care what you put on your skin everyday!”

So please remember, SPF should be selected according to skin type and activity.

As you can tell I am passionate about this subject so please get in touch with us at the salon for your own personalized SPF consultation.

Olga xxxx