Lip Care

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Every brand we work with has been tried, tested and used by our team, always overseen by Olga. In an overwhelming world of beauty products we only choose to work with the exceptional luxury brands whose products perform continuously and are reliable. Some of these have stood the test of time and others are emerging and breaking boundaries at the forefront of skincare.
Olga enjoys building relationships with the people behind the brands we partner with from across the globe. Often this means travelling to capitals such as New York and Paris in order to receive their most recent innovations and implement new training to our team.
We constantly research and evaluate our product base and intimately know the potential each treatment holds for your individual epidermis.

Lip Care

Lip Shine SPF 35


€ 33,00


Biologique Recherché


Biologique Recherché

Definitive Lip Renewal Treatment
Sold out
Prime Lip Repair


€ 148,00