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Olga Has been passionate about skincare since she was a girl growing up in Poland. Always interested in trying new methods, products and rituals,
as a teenager she learnt not only by trial and error, but also by developing a deep passion for research. She began to investigate the best beauty brands and methods from across the globe. She also became interested in how external factors such as diet, environment and lifestyle influenced her skin.

Olga graduated from the prestigious Polish Medical Institution with an Honours Degree in Cosmetology and moved to Ireland with her husband in 2005, with her sights always set on creating her own salon that was aligned with her principles and passion for skincare. She continued investigating, through emerging research, brands and technology, how each of us really have individual epidermis and must be treated with individual strategies to achieve the best results.

In 2016 she opened her beautiful boutique salon in the heart of Dublin and hasn’t looked back. Almost immediately, Olga had waiting lists for her clients and word of her signature facials spread throughout Dublin and beyond.

Nominated for awards every year since opening her doors, in 2018 and 202 Olga was awarded Best Beauty Therapist in the prestigious Image Business of Beauty Awards.

With over 19 years experience and training Olga continues to seek out the best brands in the world, and research the newest developments. Her greatest joy is to work closely with clients on their journey from initial consultation to achieving their optimal results and overcoming the challenges we all face with our epidermis as it evolves throughout life.

Olga loves to travel regularly for training and discovery, mostly to Paris or the US for product research. She is a proud wife and mother to two little girls and is happy to have made Ireland her home.



Katarina completed a prestigious 4 year degree program in Zagreb Medical School in Croatia and continued on to gain experience in both dermatological clinics and beauty salons.
Her fascination with skin began at home from a young age where she analysed her family’s epidermis, always curious to learn how ones skin mirrors our environment and what are the influencing factors. This passion led to her opening her own salon in Croatia which she successfully ran for 13 years before embarking on an adventure to Ireland.

She was honoured to be headhunted by Olga who ignites her passion for skincare with her similar approach and philosophies for treating skin with a holistic, bespoke and specialised approach.
Katerina has been extensively and personally trained in both Biologique Recherche and Valmont methodologies, and has also become an expert in the specialised facial remodelling and LED machines that are exclusive to Skin By Olga.

Combining her skills in cutting edge technology alongside a wealth of experience in traditional methods, inspires Katerina and she is most satisfied when her clients are witness to their own epidermal transformation.

She is always eager to develop her experience and training under the tutelage of Olga, aligning with her own journey to innovative skincare.



Natalia comes from a beautiful region of south Poland and studied at one of the most prestigious universities in Poland, "Jagielloński University" in Cracow.

She came to Ireland for a few months to improve her English, however those months ended up lasting 8 years! Natalia gave birth to her beloved son here and is happy to call Dublin her home. Natalia loved beautiful things from a young age, especially flowers and art. She was a florist in her hometown and also loved interior design and decorating. Nowadays she develops her decorating skills through baking cakes and cookies, with her little helper, as well as taking pride in maintaining the beautiful interiors in the salon.

She is a highly organised person, with meticulous skills in managing the large product and client base at Skin By Olga. She loves organising the diary in a very personal way for clients in line with the ethos of the salon which is a purely bespoke approach. This requires intimate relationships and attention to detail with client requirements. Facial regularity and product knowledge is crucial in order to provide the right support for both customers and therapists.

Natalia loves creating the smooth transition for clients, from first contact to walking out of the salon with glowing skin. She enjoys creating unique customer service, personal touches and the serene and special atmosphere in the salon.