This natural lip balm immediately soothes and repairs damaged lips. The Biokiss offers regenerating and protective care with a formula based on raspberry seed oil, white beeswax, polyglycerides and triglycerides. This complete solution helps condition the lips and prevent water loss to guarantee optimal hydration.

Your lip area will be left nourished, repaired, regenerated and protected by this lip moisturiser.

RECOMMENDED FOR : Dry and damaged Lip Instants 


    Lipid-Reconditioning Agents: White Beeswax, Sunflower, Jojoba and Mimosa Plant-based Complex.
    Repairing Agents: Shea Butter, Lanolin.
    Hydrating Agents: Plant-based Polyglycerides, Plant-based Triglycerides.
    Antioxidant Agents: Vitamin E., Rosemary Oil Extract.

    How to use

    Apply a thin layer of Biokiss as often as needed on the lips and lip contour


    Provides instant comfort
    Nourishes and repairs
    Diminishes dehydration fine lines and wrinkles
    Reduces chapping and the sensation of tightness
    Contributes to restore the hydrolipidic film
    Visibly regenerates, restructures and reconditions the lips
    Protects lips from climatic aggressions (wind, cold, sun)
    Leaves a protective film on the lips


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