Complexe Cégaba + Bioproline Serum Capillaire Coffret


    Complexe Cegaba + Bioproline helps anchor the hair, so it’s less prone to fall out.

    Formulated with anti-hair loss peptides and growth stimulating acids, this intensive one-month treatment course consists of 12 concentrated bottles of formula.

    Hair loss will slow down over time, and growth will be stimulated.


        Anti-hair loss: Tetrapeptide and Red Clover Extract
        Growth stimulating: Carboxyethyl a-Aminobutyric Acid
        Seathing: Pomegranate Extract

        How to use

        Apply the entire ampoule to dry or damp hair, using the applicator and working parting by parting
        Gently massage the scalp and then style as usual
        Do not rinse off
        Re-apply 2 to 3 times a week


        Slows down hair loss
        Stimulates hair growth


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