Crème R-Stria


Crème R-Stria is a body care product that prevents and reduces the appearance of red stretch marks. Its cocktail of soothing and stimulating active ingredients combines to heal the skin and alleviate inflammation. Acting deep within the dermal matrix, this cream has a reconstructive effect

Recommended for Skin Instants© with red stretch marks or inflammation.


      Collagen and Elastin-Boosting Agents: Bean Extract, Rutin Extract and Biomimetic Peptides.

      Dermal Reconstruction Agents: Saw Palmetto Oil Extract.

      Toning Agents: Black Crowberry Juice.

      Soothing Agents: Black Crowberry Juice and Polysaccharide rich in Rhamnose.

      Microcirculation-Activating Agents: Arnica Flower-Based Complex, Solomon’s Seal and Cypress Cones.

      How to use

      Apply morning and night to the areas to be treated (breasts, stomach, waist, hips, thighs and buttocks)
      Massage in using upward smoothing strokes


      Soothes inflammatory stretch marks
      Tones and firms the epidermis
      Refines and smooth’s the skin’s texture
      Stimulates dermal reconstruction
      Prevents the formation and reduces the appearance of stretch marks


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