Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps


    Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps is a moisturizing cream enriched with lipid-replenishing active ingredients, which protects the epidermis from extreme weather conditions thanks to its “reconditioning effect”.

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Delipidated and/or Dehydrated Skin Instants


      Lipid-Reconditioning Agents: Brazil nut and Priprioca oil, Virgin Sisymbrium Oil, Squalane.
      Moisturising Agents: Hyaluronic Acid, Colostrum, Sugar derivatives.
      Protective and Restorative Agents: Opuntia Ficus-Indica extracts, Mimosa extracts, Centella Asiatica extracts, Vitamin E, Vitamin F.

      How to use

      Apply Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps all over the body massaging it in lightly ascending movements, in the morning and evening


      Provides skin elasticity, softness and vitality
      Restores the epidermal hydrolipid film
      Hydrates the top layers of the epidermis
      Protects the skin from harsh weather (wind, sun, cold)
      Promotes cellular renewal
      Boosts the action of the cutaneous barrier


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