Fluide VIP 02



    The precious and unique formula contained in this serum traps oxygen at the surface of the skin, creating an environment that stimulates the epidermis' natural functions.  This "anti-pollution", oxygenating, moisturizing serum protects the skin throughout the day from urban aggressions. Its unique formulation uses revitalizing agents, Silk extracts and a Specific Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex that really restore healthy skin.

    It is recommended for all skin types.


      Oxygenating platform: Oxygenating Complex specific to Biologique Recherche, Yeast Extract
      Protective platform: Anti-pollution screen, Anti-pollution Polysaccharide
      Anti-oxydant platform: Extract of White Tea Leaf, Extract of Walnut

      How to use

      Apply a few drops of Fluide VIP O2 all over the face, neck and cleavage in the morning and/or in the evening. This product is one of the final touches in the Biologique Recherche beauty treatment program.
      Can be combined with Masque Vivant, the Quintessential Serums or the Finishing Serums to maximize their effects.
      For very dehydrated skins, we strongly recommend combining Fluide VIP O2 with either Sérum Amniotique E. or Sérum Extrait Tissulaire in the first two weeks of the treatment.

      Avoid contact with eyes


      Forms an anti-pollution shield on the surface of the skin
      Protects the skin against intracellular oxidative stress
      Reduces the signs of fatigue
      Clarifies and brightens the complexion


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