Serum Erythros


    Targeted serum that eases diffuse redness of the face. Ideal for sensible Skin Instants, this product has been tested under dermatological control on skins presenting signs of rosacea.

    It acts on 3 complementary and synergistic platforms:

    1)  visibly easing redness

    2)  regulating vascularization

    3)  reducing skin bloodstream.

    Recommended for: Skin Instants with Rosacea tendency and sensitive


      Reducing blood flow platform: Black Crowberries juice, Red Microalgae extract, Complex of Arnica flowers, Solomon's Seal and Cypress cones
      Inhibiting neovascularization platform: Plants Acids extract (Rosemary, Coffee, Oak)
      Soothing platform: White Tea leaf extract, Vitamin B3, Kudzu extract

      How to use

      On a cleaned skin, apply the serum on the areas with redness. Gently massage with the fingertips until complete absorption. Do not rub.

      For visible results use it during an intensive three months treatment course.


      Attenuates visible redness
      Soothes and protects from inflammation
      Calms itchiness
      Decreases skin bloodstream
      Inhibits the formation of new blood vessels (in vitro tests)


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