Scented Candle 240g - Never Spring

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never spring captures a longing for the awakening season that never seems to arrive. a green and crisp scent of gentle citrus, soft musk and deep amber.



top: lemon, blackberry, peach

heart: jasmine, cyclamen, bamboo
base: musk, cedarwood, amber

never spring is inspired by a longing for spring that never seems to arrive. a green and crisp scent with notes of lemon and cedarwood. suddenly the sun becomes warm enough to awaken blossoming trees, the days grow longer, and usually toward the evening the sky takes on a deep blue almost warm tone. never spring captures our long wait for this awakening season from the first signs of spring until nature turns into intensive bloom.

the scent opens up with sweet blackberry, gentle and ripe citruses in pleasing contrast with cold, green notes like a crisp morning in spring. it is a woody scent with base notes of cedarwood and soft musk combined with deep amber.


made in france
100% natural wax
100% vegan wax

How to use

for best experience keep candle wick trimmed to approximately 5 mm before each use to avoid soot. let candle burn until wax has melted to the edge for the first time and follow with maximum 4 hours burn each time for an even result. never leave a burning candle unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets. place candle away from draughts and flammable materials and place it on a heat resistant surface or on the lid. before moving the candle allow it to cool and solidify after each burn.

total burn time: approximately 55 hours.

the candles are decorative as interior objects and björk and berries encourage reusing and enjoying them after the candles have burned down for various purposes to store objects, plants or food.


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