THE E-SERUM. Pro-Repair Anti-Blue Light Facial Serum

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Pro-Repair Anti-Blue Light Facial Serum

Nature meets science in this high-tech, repair-boosting and lightweight facial gel serum designed to leave the skin feeling protected, regenerated, moisturised and healthy-looking.

This multi-functional power formula features a sustainably sourced ferment extract biotechnologically obtained from radiation-resistant microorganisms*, a thoroughly researched ingredient, selected to help to shield the skin from the negative impact of electromagnetic smog and pollution.

A high-performance, instantly-absorbing formula, enriched with horehound stem cells extract, marine moisturising complex and copper tripeptide, helps to simultaneously boost moisturise and support natural skin regeneration mechanisms - for a well-rested look.

The effects are cumulative and intensify with regular use. *isolated from the waterfall in the Eastern Pyrenees mountains following environmentally-friendly practices not involving high amounts of materials from nature.



How to use

Daily Ritual

Morning and night, apply a small amount of the serum on clean, dry skin.

Massage gently upwards and outwards until absorbed.

Let go and enjoy a digital-free moment.

For best results, use as a first step in your skincare routine.

Follow with selected Oio Lab Treatment.


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