Biologique Recherche – brand like no other

Biologique Recherche – brand like no other

Biologique Recherche – brand like no other

Skin is the reflection of ourselves; it isn’t consistent, but multiple over the course of a day, of a life. Everyone has different Skin Instants©.
Biologique Recherche’s Methodology treats each person’s epidermis in a personally tailored way.
Dr Philippe Allouche

Biologique Recherche is like no other company I have worked with in my 20 years of experience. My best friend introduced me to this brand many years ago, and from day one I knew is the one I’ll trust.

BR skin by olga

I am also constantly blown away by the results I see after we’ve performed one of Biologique Recherche’s special treatments.

Their formulations are pure and they do work, and work fast!
To see our clients trusting the brand, confirms that our efforts are going in the right direction.
The company doesn’t operate like any other, putting an emphasis on continuing education, workshops, seminars and constant connecting.
@skinbyolga we are very proud to carry Biologique Recherche products and perform their amazing protocols.

Over 40 years of passion

Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche, a biologist, a physiotherapist and a doctor, founded Biologique Recherche over 40 years ago with a vision of developing formulations for professionals dissatisfied with existing products.

Today, the Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

Founded in Paris and now stocked worldwide, Biologique Recherche has also reached cult following here in Ireland.

The art behind the products

Authenticity and performance is at the heart of the Biologique Recherche skin care vision.

  • A high concentration (over 20% in most products) of botanical, marine and biological extracts making our products powerful and results-driven.
  • No artificial fragrances in any of products which make the products a great choice for sensitive skin prone to allergies.
  • BR use cold formulation manufacturing to preserve the original structure of the active ingredients – it’s the difference between fresh and canned fruit reinforcing our dedication to highly active ingredients.
  • We have crafted our products and treatments to work together. BR unique treatment protocols use unique, original techniques for immediate, noticeable results and our Remodeling Face Machine is an advanced bioelectronic treatment for genuinely tailored skincare procedures.

Amongst all the cult products you know well and love nee products are constantly being developed.

At the cutting-edge of its skin biology expertise, BR  invented Toleskin, and we are so delighted to welcome this new line @skinbyolga

It took 45 years to build this new rigorous and complex methodology and the effects are astounding!

The collection is comprised of a combination of supplements, topical products and rituals, specifically developed for intolerant Skin Instants© – epidermises that need to be soothed and rebuilt such as those coping with atopic dermatitis, medical-aesthetic treatment and cancer treatment.

BR skin by olga


Composed of four innovative products, the range includes:

* Toleskin [DS] – a dietary supplement based on lactic ferments

* Toleskin [B] – desensitizing booster powder and sterile serum designed to improve skin tolerance threshold and make it less reactive
* Toleskin [M] – a pre-impregnated mask which immediately calms discomfort caused by skin flare-ups

* Toleskin [C] – a reconditioning sterile cream that reduces the skin’s sensitivity and contributes to restoring the skin barrier.

Skin sensitivity or intolerance is linked to how our skin reacts to an internal or external stress factor.
The intensity of the inflammatory response to the stimulator determines whether the person has sensitive or intolerant skin.

Many people struggle to find products that do not cause their skin to react, as even products marketed for sensitive skin are too aggressive.

The new Biologique Recherche Toleskin Collection addresses each of these issues for stronger, healthy looking balanced skin.

To find out more contact Skin by Olga.